When looking for the best and most proficient technician to inspect your used car, you’ll probably do a lot more than stroll down to your next door garage. You’ll prefer to book an appointment with the technician that is the most highly recommended, hope that they have the time and the initiative to accompany you to where your car-to-be is located, and spend enough time inspecting the car to make sure you get the best deal.

Or, you can opt for a professional used car inspection service that will work with your schedule, as per your convenience, without compromising on the quality of the inspection or the expertise of the technician.






No more double-checking to make sure the technician is as proficient as they claim to be

A professional used car inspection service takes away the uncertainty of working with technicians who may or may not be as qualified and as adept as their claims. A professional used car service makes sure that the technician assigned to you has the necessary training, experience and expertise to accurately inspect your next used car purchase.


No more doubts about whether or not the assessment is objective, neutral and fair

As a potential buyer, you want to make sure that your car is everything it promises to be. And you need a technician who protects your interests and is as committed to the buying process as you are. A professional inspection service can assure you of just that – a fair assessment of the used car you are interested in, to ensure that you get the best value for your money.






No more fussing about the location of the used car inspection

A quality used car inspection service offers you the convenience of conducting the inspection at the site where the car is located or any other location of your choosing. Say goodbye to painstaking scheduling with the technician or taking time from your schedule to specifically drive to an inconvenient inspection location.


No more last-minute changes to your schedule to accommodate the used car inspection

A professional inspection service puts you at the heart of the inspection process. You can book the inspection in advance, as per your availability and convenience. Say goodbye to frantic last-minute scheduling, and the chaos and uncertainty that comes with it.







No extra charges at the time of payment

With a used car inspection service, you are informed of the associated inspection costs at the time of booking. No hidden costs, no last-minute surprises and no extra charges make for a hassle-free inspection experience.


Complete clarity about the car’s strengths and weaknesses

A detailed report that is backed by professional expertise and unbiased judgment will give you an accurate assessment about your potential used car purchase. This means that you can make a more informed purchase decision and are equipped to handle any eventualities should you choose to proceed with the purchase.

A Service That You Can Count On

A professional used car inspection service is miles ahead in the game, when it comes to ensuring a safe, hassle-free and reliable customer experience for buyers. Such services are also a useful asset for sellers, in enhancing transparency, eliminating the stress of pre-purchase inspection and having to rely on ad-hoc measures to convince potential buyers about the verity of their vehicles.

Through Vericar, we aim to deliver accurate, unbiased, trustworthy inspection services that make us an invaluable partner for used car buyers and sellers. We understand that the biggest apprehension for any potential buyer is that the used car they just bought fails to meet their expectations. For sellers, it is the uncertainty and long-drawn inspection – and subsequently selling – process that we seek to eliminate. Accordingly, our technicians are well equipped to accurately inspect a wide range of vehicles, including auto rickshaws, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment. We work with you, around your schedule and requirements to eliminate stress and enhance transparency.

So, the next time you consider buying or selling used cars, make sure to first check out The enhanced trust, ease and transparency will keep you coming back for more!