Car Inspection

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions that one makes especially when it is a pre-owned car. With the pre-owned car market growing exponentially in India so much so that even the luxury car makers entering the fray, it is essential to address the major problem while buying a pre-owned car- its inspection.

The availability of an expert mechanic to inspect and test your pre-owned car of choice at the preferred location is a challenge in itself. You, on the other hand are not willing to get the inspection done by no one but the best hand in business for that complete satisfaction. So, what is the Solution??

We at Vericar provide the solution to this very problem and provide you the most comprehensive and authentic pre-purchase inspection for your used car at you preferred location and your desired time. We offer a complete pre-purchase vehicle inspection and a certified test of your ‘to be’ car along with complete report on the pros and cons of buying it. The inspection report includes the cost of owning the car, its strengths and weakness.

The purpose is to assess the state of your vehicle and ascertain its true condition. That way we can give you the true picture on the health of your car and make you aware of any issues that may impact the safety of you and your passengers.

Our comprehensive inspection and test makes you aware about the condition of the interiors, exteriors, body and the engine of the car in order to determine whether the vehicle is worth the asking price. The inspection entails complete peace of mind to our customers as the report gives comprehensive status check.

The inspection includes but is not limited to following:



  • Body panel colors match & Paint job 
  • Body panel alignment
  • Body scratches  & dents 
  • Windshields wipers and blades fully functional 
  • Headlights and directional lights intact and fully functional


Tyres & Wheels

  • Tyres are of free of cuts, bubbles or cracks
  • Uneven wear and tear
  • Wheel and rim check
  • Spare Tyre, jack and lug wrench on car


  • Chassis is neither bent nor cracked
  • Signs of crumpling or straightening inside the trunk 
  • Frame holes inside outer edge clean and free of scratches 
  • Under-body inspection


  • Vehicle steers 
  • Parking brake engages and disengages freely 
  • No grinding noises when applying brakes 
  • Wheels do not lock when applying anti-lock brakes 

Electrical & fluids

  • Free of fluid or oil leaks 
  • Battery terminals free of corrosion 


  • Check creaking noises when running
  • Drive stability and suspension setup
  • Drive-line test


  • Condition of the seats
  • All doors open and trunk opens and closes freely 
  • All gauges work properly
  • Air conditioner /Heater 
  • Windshield wipers work 
  • Windshield wiper fluid dispenses properly 
  • All seats equipped with functional seat belts 
  • All seats adjust properly 
  • Power windows operate properly 
  • Sunroof opens and closes properly 
  • Car alarm works 
  • Trunk and driver-side door lock 
  • Hazard lights function properly 
  • Headlights, including brights, work properly 


  • Vehicle does not drift to one side without prodding
  • Vehicle is stable; no shaking or vibrating 
  • No resistance in the steering wheel when turning 
  • No clicking or clunking when turning


Engine and transmission

  • Engine dynamo-meter test
  • Exhaust emission test
  • Noise level measurement
  • Exhaust & fan belt
  • Free of odour while engine is running 
  • Exhaust pipe emissions
  • Road test (including checking, transmission, engine, diff, clutch and body report)


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