To meet the technical challenges of the future in Car Inspection for the benefit of Buyer and seller.

To develop forward-looking solutions and support their consistent implementation and accuracy in vehicle inspection services meeting international standards.




As a neutral and independent partner we develop forward-looking solutions in all matters of vehicle inspection services.

We help our customers to take corrective decisions on the basis of our technical expertise in vehicle inspection.

We advise, mediate, qualify, inspect and test.

We inspect any vehicle any purpose.


Why Us

  • You get a Neutral knowledgeable and objective person inspecting a vehicle for you
  • We begin arranging the inspection immediately upon your request within a TAT of 24 Hrs.
  • Technologically Advanced Inspection Services with latest technological support system which means that all the reports and data of the Inspection report can be provided with the technological backed data with photographs and documents attached.
  • Vericar Inspector job is just strictly to inspection so therefore we do not try to sell you anything
  • We are specialized not only in automotive mechanism but structural component and over all condition of vehicles.